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Week 7

It’s Week 7 Recap time!
Denver vs Arizona
Wow. NFL network. I speak On behalf of all of the football fans. Thank you. SO much… for that awesome showdown of 2 of my favorite garbage cans battling it out on prime time Thursday night football. #Blessed
Texans vs Jags
So AFC South ish. Yuck. Fact: Blake Bortles has got to be the worst player in the NFL. Another Fact: Texans you’re still garbage. this is the most disgusting division. Whoever makes it to the playoffs is in for a rude awakening.
Eagles vs Panthers
#3-4. Call me dallas Bc Philly is now living in the past. Can we put up a pic of last seasons Lombardi?
Jets vs Vikings
No one cares. Next.
Browns vs Buccs
Well: at halftime the browns of Cleveland put up an entire 2 points . Mayfield is out there stunting. I see ya boy! The first team in NFL history to be in over time every damn week. Congrats Cleveland you need the free beer coolers unlocked again for all of your accomplishments
Bills vs Colts
Gross. Hey Bills. Look at you! Congrats at the whole 5 points you scored. To think, 2 of them didn’t even really count.
Ravens vs Saints
An actual football game was played on Sunday October 21, 2018. Shout out to both of these teams. Despite the score, The ravens are for real for real???
Chiefs vs Bengals
Well well well. The Bengals got exposed eh?
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