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Recap Week 7

Another week, another starting QB for the Browns. I hear they just open up the facilities on Monday mornings and offer the starting spot to the first guy who walks in. This is insane. I vote we remove Cleveland from the NFL and handout the players to teams around the league… Oprah style. One for you! One for you! Players for everyone!
I’m going to pretend I didn’t credit this Tampa team before pre season. All of the let downs in this world and Tampa can’t even win a damn game. You can’t possibly tell me that you let Tyrod Taylor and his no receivers own your defense. McCoy scored his first TD of the season against you. Is this a joke?
Wow. I bet Saints fans don’t even know how to act. They started OTAs thinking they’d blow this season… look at them playing football! Flourish on New Orleans. *insert moment of silence…AGAIN… for what could have been the 2017 GB Packers… and my husband Rodgers*

LOL. The Jags really make a mess out of every team in this garbage division. It’s quite amusing. I’ll continue to take the points with Jax on my parlays… especially when it’s against anyone in the AFC South. They destroyed what was left of the barely alive Colts. I love this fricking Jaguars D… and Bortles isn’t as Bortle-ish. Perhaps the world really is coming to an end.

Congrats Cardinals. You receive the garbage team of the week. Again. You lost 33-0. Yuck. Hope you guys enjoyed the site seeing in London. Maybe the jet lag will drag on until Week 9 and you can use that as an excuse for your next ass kicking… Or we can just leave you in Europe.
My Eagles truly look amazing. My only concern is that injuries at the LB position will slow us down. Goode’s wife posted a picture of her new blinged out jersey. I’m beginning to wonder if he made it for her himself because he’s definitely not studying film. This kid is missing tackles left and right. I wouldn’t be surprised if his Pinterest log in was saved on the iPad he’s supposed to watch film on. But back to the positivity… I even have the group picture of our DBs as my background. Who would have thought that day would ever come? WENTZ IS AMAZING. I’ve waited my entire life for this. We have a baby Aaron Rodgers! I see Super Bowls in our near future! #FlyEaglesFly

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