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Gambling Week 5

Alright boys, lets talk my favorite topic. GAMBLING. If you do spreads or fantasy, I’m here to join you for the good, the bad and the straight up ugly. Reminding you of Week 1 yet? Jesus. Did any of us come out with anything Week 1 or 2? If you hit big then feel free to take over my site right now. The football gods and I tend to duke it out every now and then.

PSA – Gamble at your own risk. I hit 12 games last week but I also LOST hard the first two weeks. Last season? My friendship would have highly benefited your bank accounts. This season.. Meh. Hopefully after last week I’ll be getting my groove back.

I have to dabble in each game every week.. I know, screw me, right? I’m only going to drop a few lines on the site though. I use the original lines Vegas drops Tuesday morning, by Thursday some may change. (Be sure to double check on these)

TNF – Arizona is favored by 2.5 on my end, I’m rolling against the spread. I’ll take the sorry ass Niners. Why? Arizona is missing Palmer and their starting RB. The defense isn’t doing it for me right now. Granted it IS Gabbert, he should be able to survive this one. Possible win for San Fran tonight.

I’ll also take a few underdogs:

Titans (You all know how I feel about Miami)

Redskins (Sketch but I’ll jump on it)




My risky pick for the week?

GB. I was actually surprised the line was that high in favor of the Packers. See what you did NYG? Hoping Rodgers goes old school Rodgers on us lights up the Giants D.

Good vibes my fellow gamblers!


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