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Sports Betting Week 2

Usually Week 1 scares me off so I reframed from posting for you guys. Unfortunately for y’all, I killed it and hit 10 games. Now that Vegas has dropped Week 2 I’m back to nervous. This week is disgusting but let’s have fun anyway! (Keep in mind, some of these lines have or will change. Feel free to message me on twitter @xoholly if it’s different.)

I’m going to go out on a limb and take some spreads I usually wouldn’t this early.

Underdogs I’m taking this week…

Jacksonville +3 If Fournette is ruled out, I’ll probably fight myself for this. BUT. If the Texans can hold the Pats to winning by only a TD, the Jags should be able to keep this game closer. Besides, a home opener and that D excites me.

Carolina +6 Stats want you to take Atlanta here. And so does Vegas. Falcons play well at home and they’re coming off of a loss. I’ll roll Panthers here because of Atlanta ruling out key players this week. This game should play out closer than expected.

Indy +6 I don’t like the Redskins or the Colts. Ill take Washington to win, but again, no cover on the spread. Fingers crossed we get Lucky with Luck. Yuck.

If you’re feeling extra ballsy… 

Buffalo +7.5 A Bills fan told me that his defense couldn’t stop a wet paper towel. I agree. I also agree that no matter which garbage QB they’re throwing out there doesn’t stand a chance behind that invisible o line. I also hyped up the Chargers. So WHY am I taking the Bills? Because it’s Week 2. And my gut is talking to me.


My favorite play of the week…

Philly -2.5 Give me this ALL day. Tampa thinks they’re hot shit off of huge win last week. I’m here to say they wont be eating any W’s Week 2. The Eagles defense should destroy any confidence The Buccs have.

I have 2 more big plays but you’ll have to tune into MoneyLine on Houston ESPN 97.5 Sunday at 11am to hear what they are 😉 If you’re not local, simply download the free ESPN975 app from iTunes or listen at http://www.podcastarena.com/moneyline/

I am not responsible for any L’s your bank account takes… However, feel free to @ me when we hit big. Good luck!


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