Week 15 Recap

Well. Here’s a live look at the TNF game…

highlighters   vs trash_can

Your Seattle Seahawks vs The Los Angeles Rams

Come on NFL. I’m not sure what was worse, watching highlighters mark up the field last night or ketchup playing mustard last season. I’m all for the color rush, but who’s designing these things? Alyssa Milano? *BARF*

Who else was upset about this garbage game? What a tease. LA had us fooled the first quarter making it look like this would perhaps be a surprisingly decent Thursday night game. Fail. Usually these two teams make for a good matchup. Why? No clue. Another epic performance by the Rams as they fell 24-3.

Wait……. was there a Saturday night game?

Could there be a more boring game? Brock saves the day…… for the Jags. The stats on Osweiler as a Texan are pretty shitty. The stats on him assisting other teams? Now that’s looking more promising of that $7,3625,098,263.24 y’all paid him.

I can’t remember the last time I saw a QB throw so many damn interceptions. Finally O’Brien benched this bum. Hey, look! It only took 15 weeks for it to happen.

As if the play calling couldn’t get any worse……. You call a fade pass into the end zone on 4th and a half yard? I think its time the Texans bench O’Brien himself. Looking for that bit of Holly positivity? At least Houston’s defense looks good. And we FINALLY get free slushies and tanning discounts! #WINNING

Look at Mariota growing and flourishing! I have to apologize for not fully believing in this kid. Maybe it was just the bitter Chip Kelly affiliation that made me more of an asshole towards him. Anyway, the Titans look pretty damn good for a team coming out of the AFC South. I hate to say it, but… watch out Houston, don’t be surprised if these guys end up taking that playoff spot.


This was actually one of the more exciting games of the week. If you would have told me Week 1 that the Saints would knock the Cardinals out of the running for a playoff spot, I would have laughed in your face.  I still have a thing for D Johnson… Palmer and Fitzgerald are still one of my favorite duos… And Patrick Peterson is still one of the best CBs in the league… BUT it’s a wrap. This season was a huge disappointment. I’m not sure how the Saints are still pulling off wins, but rock on I suppose.

A few final thoughts…

No, I won’t comment on the Dallas/TB game because I’m SO SICK OF DALLAS.

Eagles…….. We almost had it guys. Why is my whole team on the IR list? Our season has been over, can we please let who’s left of my starters rest on the bench? Play the practice squad Dougie P. Geezus.

NYG aren’t too shabby. I literally JUST noticed their record… These kids have 10 wins. Interesting.

Give it up Denver. See you next season.

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