Week 14 Recap

Started out good for Raiders and their bandwagon fans, such as myself. Mack was killing per usual, but the vibe quickly shifted.

Was this game rigged in Vegas’ favor? There’s no way you can be this exciting, explosive team then show up and play like complete CRAP when it matters the most. This game almost looked paid off. Maybe it was me… Look what happens when an Eagles fan attempts to convert over for some comforting. We’re like a plague… we ruin any franchise we touch. Okay, perhaps a bit dramatic but you get my point.

Kelce… my soulmate, does it again. How awesome is he? Now, now guys… It’s never nice to taunt………. Unless you do it as well as he does.

Why? Why are the Rams still considered an NFL team? I bet their ridiculous, new reality show gets more views than their actual team does. It’s about time the “RAMily” packs their bags and moves on. For the love of God, spare us the agony of watching you anymore this season.


Surprisingly, this was one of the most intriguing games of the day. A big matchup for both of these guys. This is really weird, but… did we just see the Saints D actually look decent? That offense though… looked awfully GARBAGE. This is the second week in a row now that Brees has screwed us in fantasy.

Anyway, back to the REAL winners here… TB has grown so much just from last season alone. Winston can take hits and still make important plays. And how about Martin? Almost a sportsgasm for me, not quite yet, but getting there! Oh, and I see you Kwon! That Tampa D was doing it just how I like it this week.


Answer me this NYG… How is it that you have a $5,213,578,000.32 defense AND the BEST receiving core in the NFL, yet you struggle to move the ball?? But WAIT, there’s more! The real question of the night… How many times is Eli going to turn the ball over? On paper, the Giants look fabulous. They drafted well and actually made that expensive ass defense worth it. On the field? Eli makes this offense look confused. They have their moments, but I don’t ever hold my breath on these guys. I WILL give them credit though, someone had to serve Dallas another L. Oh, did y’all want me to comment on the Cowboys? *side eye*

And now, a letter from me to Cowboy fans… (If you follow my twitter, you heard this rant last night)

small girl learns to write, sits at a table

Dear Dallas,

Not only are you guys the most ANNOYING fans in the league, but also the the most DELUSIONAL. Dak has one off game and you talk crap and jump ship begging for Romo?! You’re quite ungrateful, if I don’t say so myself. That man played save a hoe and rescued y’all. You are where you are today because of him. Shall we refresh your memories of last season? *evil laugh* 12 games. You lost TWELVE games. Dallas forgot what winning felt like until Dak took over. But, PLEASE, we insist… Put Romo in so y’all can take these last 3 L’s! Give the fans what they want, Jerry!

Sincerely, A Concerned Eagles Fan

Final thoughts…
Arizona… I’m so done with you. You guys have to be the most well put together SHIT team of the year.

Seattle… When will we quit blaming injuries and just accept the fact that the Seahawks are suspect this season?!

Cam… Look at you boy! I mean, it’s only week 15 now but flourish on!

Redskins… Everett… My team may not have hands, but I do… sooooo cheap shot my boys again and we can meet up. I can’t stand dirty plays.

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