Week 13 Recap

I apologize for the short post this week, but in all fairness, everyone loves a good quickie every now and then…… Am I right, or am I right?

Apparently I was still somewhat drunk this morning because I could have sworn my ESPN update said Weeden would start over Brock. Of course, I read wrong. Did I really believe OBrien would actually make a good call? I turn on the game and low and behold, it’s the curse himself throwing another “almost” intercepted pass intended for……. who knows who. Osweiler is better off just attempting to run for the first instead of doing that fake, wannabe QB crap he does.

Someone get word over to OBrien that his play calling is not only SHITTY, but very… VERY predictable. Oh. Were you guys waiting for me to make a positive comment? *channels positivity* Well, there’s only 4 more games left for fans to suffer through until you get your free pass into the playoffs. Brock on Houston.

Y’all knew this was coming…….

Is it bad that I’ve been waiting for Miami to crash?! Time to pull out the sparkly orange and aqua iPads boys. Looks like you forgot how to play football again. Back to the film room you go!

Talk about some good D, the Steelers hit it just right last night. This game was a perfect example of how Pittsburg should not be underestimated. Their record may not be the best and they’ve had some off moments, but this team is still Super Bowl caliber for sure.

The NYG got exposed. That’s what winning with a crappy schedule tends to do to you. The Giants finally got to face some real competition and look how that turned out. Elimination is spelled with ELI, right? OBJ may as well fill his coffee mug with vodka when he goes to watch film on Tuesday. It’s about to be a long day for the kid. Don’t trip chocolate chip, even the best have to get shut down every now and then.


*closes laptop. deep breath. re opens laptop.* It’s very hard for me to be…. nice. So. I’ll just leave this game alone because I’d hate to rip my Eagles to shreds in 180 characters or less. In fact, I’m banning covering my team until we can get ANY sort of offense. I guess I’ll see you Philly fans on draft day! #PedersonHasToGo #MyCauseMyCleats #WinADamnGame

I’ll finish you off with my favorite clip from today…. Side Note: Dancing with the penalty flag? I really need to find a way to party with Oakland’s punter. It’s now officially on my bucket list.

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