Week 12 Recap

Hope you all had a fabulous Thanksgiving! I’m thankful for the multiple games that played on our surround sound to drown out my family’s voices. And for the vodka that knocked me out before the night game. Just kidding, kind of. 

Since they called back that fumble in the first, Bradford actually didn’t look too shabby. I guess that check Philly is still paying him hit his direct deposit Thursday am. I mean, he DID win the game… for the Lions. *evil grin*. Back to some real QB talk, Stafford was looking outstanding to start but slowly started morphing back into the Stafford we’re too used to. This guy has a hell of an arm but his accuracy is suspect. Still, I’m starting to like this kid more and more. When he’s on, he’s hot!

First off, Jerry’s World is a death trap stadium. I’m convinced the Cowboys have special UV sunglasses built into those visors. RIP to opposing teams.

Hurts my heart to say this, but DAMN Dallas has that fire. This team is exciting to watch. All the Cowboys needed was that perfect QB to mold this team together. They found their missing puzzle piece and it’s quite depressing for the rest of us NFC Easters. Excuse me while I drown myself in more vodka.

Hell of a game by Wilcox, mission KILL…. my buzz…. was a success. That coverage is a enough to turn anyone on. Hey Philly, remember what it felt like to have a receiver that can catch? DeSean wasn’t the only one making big plays. Kirk Cousins. *sigh* Kelley and Thompson managed to keep me entertained. This offense has really stepped it up. This game was more exciting than the score showed. You gotta hand it to the NFC East, we ARE the best and most competitive!

Well well. Look at Brock being not so Brock-ish…. For the first 10 minutes, at least. Osweiler scored his first rushing TD in Houston. Unfortunately, I don’t think Texans fans really cared. A few minutes later his pass to Hopkins was picked off.

Someone send help to D Hop. We’re slowly watching his career crumble before our very eyes. Chin up buttercup, were in dire need of receivers in Philly, I’ll send word to Doug P. I’d love to see Nuk in green. I usually enjoy watching Houston’s defense but Rivers changed my mind this week. I was more entertained by the Chargers offense. I can’t forget to give props to San Diego’s CBs too, killer job out there.

The Texans are NOT a bad team. Brock is just garbage, the coach is garbage…. and the play calling is horrendous. As far as talent wise, its not the players here that suck. Well. Heading into the 3rd week of NO free slushies and tanning discounts. I’m getting pretty used to being pale as shit. Thanks O’Brien!


Geeeezus. Mariota. That arm. I never thought I’d ever say that I actually enjoy watching the Titans. I don’t care what the standings say, Tennessee looks the best out of the AFC South.


Not even going to lie, I was in a coma still recovering from yesterday so I slept through this entire game until the last 5 minutes. I’m the worst Oakland bandwagon fan ever. HOWEVER, I did get to see the Mack attack. You know I love the D. This kid is wow. 7 sacks in his last 5 games. There’s nothing like a good pass rusher to get me all excited. This is getting weird and I don’t want to get all creepy on y’all so I’ll leave this here… Mack may just be my new man crush though (besides Rex) I love big guys… *creeper emoji*

Final thoughts………

SEATTLE, you’re suspect AF.


LA RAMS… Just give up.

LESEAN MCCOY, I see you boy!


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