Week 11 Recap

The NFC East united today to see what we all HOPED would be the downfall of Dallas. That sounded SO dramatic, I love it. Anyway, back to reality…

That Baltimore D started off looking nice. They focused on keeping pressure on Dak early. A sack the first play of the game gave us all hope that there MAY just be a chance the Cowboys could take that L today. The safeties were covering beautifully, the D line looked alive… Then the second half happened.

Dak made sure to send us all a reminder, yet again, why he’s THAT guy. I know that stats point towards Elliot for rookie of the year, but I’ve never been the stats type of gal unless you push me. If we had to choose today, its undeniable, it should go to Prescott. This team is 9-1 because of this guy. We tend to overlook his role because of Elliot’s numbers… “stats”. Don’t worry Dak, I see you.

I think people sometimes take my posts the wrong way. Regardless of the score, Philly is still a GOOD team. Injuries this game killed us. The weapons are there. We’ve had to yet AGAIN, rebuild our organization. Wentz still has a lot of making up to do to earn my respect, but at the end of the day, he’s still a rookie… and still MY QB. However, today was UNACCEPTABLE. I’m pretty sure my fellow Philly fans will agree with this bashing session.

This is getting fricking ridiculous. Can ANYONE on this damn team catch? ANYONE? Agholor, you are the sorriest piece of shit excuse of an NFL player. I don’t care how much is left on his contract, release this loser! Who even let him on the bus home? We should have left this bum in Seattle. And Doug, shame on you for CONTINUING to put him on the field. If Agholor can play in the NFL so can I. We have the same stats… receiving yards, passes caught… NON existent. Speaking of catching, shout out to DGB for finally CATCHING a pass with your 6’6 non-athletic ass.

I really wish we would keep Carroll in instead of rotating CBs. Seattle ran circles around my rookie Mills. Looked like a game of tag at recess only there was no CATCHING coming from our end. I suppose I can’t really blame them though, Seattle is one of the top teams in the league so I’ll shut my mouth now and take this loss humbly. (I’m getting entirely TOO familiar with taking these damn L’s)

Wow. How did this happen? Am I that drunk? San Fran actually looked somewhat decent during the first quarter. I guess it was just the rain though because, as predicted, the niners niner’d. Brady and his killer squad chalked up another nasty win.

Looked up the stats for this game… there weren’t any. No one did crap, not like we expected anything more. Too soon to ship the Rams back to STL?

NYG, Redskins and Eagles fans… This is for you. Leaving y’all with this lovely reminder of T West mocking Elliot and Dez in his TD celebrations. West, you’re my hero for the week.

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