Week 10 Recap

What a day for the NFC East… A continued battle for this group of winners…


Two words… Ryan. Mathews. I guess Pederson is finally seeing what the rest of us see. All of this switching out backs every other play is crap. Mathews should be our main RB. Wentz did a great job of handing the ball off this game. DON’T attempt to pass. Our biggest weapons sit on the sidelines. Besides today, Mathews and Ertz don’t get enough PT. In fact, Ertz still didn’t get the field time he deserves. Hey Doug, how about we sub out all of those bum ass excuse of receivers we have and just play our number 1 tight end? Wentz, you suck. I’m tired of everyone blaming my receivers alone. Open your eyes! Wentz played AWFUL. He’s sloppy and confused. I really don’t know what happened to that beginning of the season, awesome rookie I had. Either we keep running the ball or we give Daniels some time. That Philly D looked great as usual. Jenkins, you are THE man. BG, can I get a defensive player award? This guy deserves major credit. Carroll and Mills impressed me today with the coverage. A well deserved win for my boys. By the way, there was no doubt in my mind that we would win this game. For some reason I’m yet to figure out, we can knock off the elite teams but struggle with Kirk Cousins…….. *insert that usual side eye emoji here*


Well. At least someone can complete a FEW passes. Surprisingly enough, Brock threw a couple of decent ones. I think I even saw Hopkins end up with the ball. The run game looked pretty good tonight, despite the fact that I am clueless as to who was actually playing. Is it just me or do the Texans have an odd roster. I don’t know who half of these guys are, but the real question here is….. Can anyone keep count of the missed kicks from Novak? Me either. Lost count. A much needed win for the Texans! Let us all thrive in these free slushies and tanning discounts. One time for the home team!


GB vs TEN 
Wow. Entering the second half 35-10? GB is truly a disappointment. There is absolutely NO run game to save their lives. How about that defense that got ran through? I was legit worried for the safety of the 2 packers fans lives next to me. 47-25? Geez. Thats no way for any team to go out……………………. I am SO evil grinning right now because I bet against the spread and took Tennessee for the win. *kanye shrug*

Leveon bell is back! ………….But Elliot never left. Let me start by saying, Pittsburg you deserved every bit of this L you took. Maybe next time you’ll humble yourself and NOT attempt your 4th 2-point conversion. How selfish can you be?? You let us NFC East fans down. I hope you watch that stupid play over and over on your little bedazzled yellow and black iPads. Anyway, Dallas is so predictable. Literally every other play they hand the ball off to Elliot. Why is it so hard for defenses to shut this down? Everyone continues to give Prescott entirely too much time to set up. Pressure!! Is that so much to ask for? Granted, Dallas DOES have 5 pro bowlers on that O Line, STILL! Every pass this kid makes is complete. You know what makes Dallas great right now? Dak. Dak is the complete opposite of Romo. He’s calm and collected, he’s quick on his feet and he can make the right call on plays when needed. This game should have been a Steelers win, BUT… go figure, Dallas found a way to get the W. You know me, credit is given where its due… Dallas is that team.

Arizona vs 49ers
How in the holy hell do you only win by 3 points to the worst team in the NFL???? Side note, Cleveland doesn’t count. Arizona, YOU are my trash team of the week. What a disgrace. I didn’t even watch this game, but none of us needed to. There’s absolutely no excuse for this. I can’t stop laughing at the final score.


Why? Four interceptions in the 4th quarter from Rivers. This is the first week all season that the Chargers have lost my Vegas line. This offense looked awful today. You guys really let Miami look decent….. #garbage

Oh. Yeah. And the Redskins won.

PS – For my Philly fans, make sure you check out these hotties for all of your up to date Philly sports…


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