Week 6 Recap

Cam Newton had nothing to smile about as the Panthers falling to 1-5 is one of the results of Week 6.

Another crazy week of football.. I’m actually writing this from Times Square, so I’ll only cover a few day games:

NYG vs BALT [Highlights]

The Giants sure know how to screw up a wet dream.

As usual, they almost gave away the game, literally, in the last minute of the 4th quarter. Typical Giants.

I couldn’t bear being a NYG fan, it’s bad for your health. They managed to put up ZERO points until late in the 2nd quarter. How does that even happen? How do you have the best receiving core in the NFL and you can’t manage to throw up some points? No wonder OBJ is out here fighting kicking nets and throwing tantrums!

Speaking of OBJ, he saved your ass today, Giants fans. Late in the 3rd, OBJ got to eat with a beautiful 66-yard TD pass to keep the Giants…… and my gambling habits alive!

This sounds awful coming from a Philly fan, but I’m actually happy for the guy. Don’t let this sorry coaching and play-calling take you down, Odell!

Chin up buttercup, you guys managed to pull out a perfect 4-point win on my spread. Besides, we all know you can’t take the division so I’ll flourish in this win with you!

WAS vs PHILLY [Highlights]

I’m currently walking around in my sports bra because I had to take off my Eagles shirt!! Okay, I’m being dramatic but if it wasn’t 60 degrees in NY right now, I would.

The Redskins D came out showing no mercy. Wentz was off all day, to say the least.

Of course, I can’t blame it all on him. Can we PLEASE get some receivers worth a damn? I’m blaming this loss on them. Matthews can’t do it all for us! We looked absolutely pathetic out there. Thank goodness Washington’s receiving core is just as bad or this game could have been an even worse shit show.

My rookie RB was the only one who looked somewhat decent this week. A moment of silence for my CBs please…… what in the holy hell kind of coverage was that?!

Dear football Gods, can we PLEASE draft or trade for ONE decent corner? Just one. It’s safe to say that I’m dreading next week against the Vikings. If we managed to get our asses beat by Washington, I can’t bare to think of the damage that Minnesota D is going to deliver.

MIAMI vs PITTS [Highlights]

A gambler’s worst nightmare. Steelers fans can’t even blame this horrific ass kicking on Big Ben’s injury. That D that I love so much was missing today. The run game couldn’t be stopped. Miami’s RB absolutely destroyed y’all. AND, the one week I bench Landry, he decides to get 13 points. *insert side-eye emoji here*

Do y’all really think I’d give Miami ANY credit??? Absolutely not. This happened last season. Remember when they played Houston and completely destroyed them? Don’t get too happy; DON’T become a believer. This team is still garbage. That overpaid defense you just witnessed? Fraud. We won’t see them again after today.

CAR vs NO [Highlights]


I hate to say it because I LOVE Cam, but Carolina’s season is over. They may have had a huge comeback but regardless, it was garbage playing. New Orleans has absolutely NO defense and the panthers still struggled putting up points until the end of the game. Carolina just does not want to win, simple as that.

JAX vs CHI [Highlights]

What a comeback for Jax! You should have checked my gambling section and pulled the underdog on this one, we did well my fellow gamblers! Click here to see what were my picks for Week 6!

BUF vs SAN FRAN [Highlights]

No trash team of the week this week. I’m actually going to be nice for a change.

My free pass goes to my Bills! Forty-five points, Buffalo?! This isn’t college ball… I love it! My man crush, Rex, handled business for me. McCoy lit up the running game and that Buffalo D held the Niners. This was just all around perfection.

Niner who? Kaep? Huh? Chalk up another one for the anti-christ, Chip! Rock on Buffalo, I knew you had it in you.

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