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Texans vs Eagles Mess

I have a legit question for you guys… Who has the worst combined scout team and GM? Your Houston Texans or the Philadelphia Eagles?

Now that the season is over, all that we have to look forward to in order to fulfill our sick and twisted needs are free agency and the draft. I suppose we could watch some of the combine if we get desperate but that’s equivalent to fake sex with your clothes on. There’s really no purpose.

I got the first notification that my birds released McKelvin. I almost flipped my desk over from all of the excitement! We’re going to have to do a hell of a lot more releasing than $3mil to get ANY type of cap space but it’s a damn good start.

Care to see MY list of players to release? SEE: whole roster except about 3 players. Oh, and go ahead and release the cheerleaders (jk, they’re hot) and Howie (not so hot). We can rebuild the Linc too if y’all are really “about that life.”


No, but seriously… If Howie was smart he’d let Kelce, Kendricks, all of the CBs (minus Carroll) and the whole receiving core go. Sadly we all know that won’t happen because

A) That’s almost impossible

B) Our scout team is so ridiculous that I wouldn’t be surprised if they did some stupid shit like draft another QB just to do it in spite of us fans

C) Howie Roseman is perhaps the most UNintelligent GM next to Rick Smith

Speaking of Smith…


Is it just me or does he always look so damn confused?

Besides JJ Watt and Clowney (who finally after 3 seasons decided to show up) it’s not looking too pretty over on this side either. If Houston doesn’t clean up that O Line with some decent draft picks or trades, I’m scared to see how the season will go. I’m having visions of the Titans creeping in.

I’m pretty interested to see how the Texans will clean up this horrendous QB situation too. As much as I despise my receiving core in Philly, even I wouldn’t trade any of them for Brock.

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