A lot of Eagles news, Percy Harvin & Jerry… Jones

I’ve decided to come out of hiding and vent on some updated news. 

Nelson Agholor……….

Let me start by reminding you how much I can’t stand this guy. How does he even still have a job?! Okay. I can’t stop watching the media video from him after the game Sunday…… 

“At the end of that day, that shit is nothing. You just gotta make the next one…” Yeah, about that. What next one?! I can’t remember the last time he CAUGHT the ball. Pretty sure big 3rd down plays are ultimate key factors in winning CLOSE games, DIVISION GAMES at that. Get this kid completely off of our roster. 

About that roster, trade deadline is in a few hours and I’m still patiently waiting for my Eagles update notification to go off. Instead of a trade alert, I get hit with.. “Josh Huff arrested.” 

Fabulous. If you’re going to get arrested, can you at least do that on bye week? I don’t have anything against players and weed BUT, we have another big division game Sunday and I need Huff. I wanted my guys to catch, not get caught. I guess he was celebrating his special teams ‘player of the week’ award so I really can’t even get mad. *insert evil grin here*

Guess Who’s Back

Percy Harvin came out of retirement this morning. That didn’t last too long. Should be another another interesting week for Bills Mafia. I still don’t think anything can beat the dildo being thrown on the field though. Rock on Buffalo!

Confused Cleveland

The browns are up to trading Joe Haden and Joe Thomas. You have to give them some credit over there in the head office, they’re willing to make some big moves. Then again, what could they possibly have left to lose? It would probably be the best day of either Joe’s life if they got traded away from that football cursed town. 

Vikings Fraud?

I’m so excited that you guys are getting to see the real Bradford! Enjoy taking out the trash guys. *sigh* I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but there’s never a happy ending to any fairy tale. We have exposed Minnesota. 

Jerry Jones is….. Well, Jerry Jones.

His decision to continue to start Dak is probably the only smart decision he’s ever made for this franchise. Romo is healthy, don’t let these morons fool you. They keep trying to cover it up and call him “week to week” because they don’t want to look like idiots by throwing him back in. It’s actually quite sad that no one over there has the balls to admit Dak is better than their baby Romo. 

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