Sideline Smack

Seems like our ever so handsome Reggie Bush may be having some trouble on the home front.

He’s been missing this season on the field, but seems to be running through women quite well off of it. Rumor has it, he paid a nice chunk of change to keep his mistress quiet and take care of a recent abortion. Hey Reggie, for $1.5 million and a plan B pill, I’ll never tell.

Excuse my lack of lady-likeness, but whatever happened to condoms or the pull-out method? Dine and dash anyone? In 2016 y’all just go all out, huh? Not that it’s really any of my business, but I would love to know why a man can’t stay loyal to his own wife these days. Why marry her if you still want to taste what’s out there?

Wait. Did you really think I’d blame this all on Reggie? Let me flip the script for a moment. How about the side chick? As a woman, how do you allow yourself to ruin a relationship? Have you no morals? Where’s your self-respect and self-esteem?

Temptation is a sin that leads to an even bigger one, infidelity. GET YOUR OWN MAN. Put the apple down Eve, you little whore.

Speaking of disrespect, how about NYG kicker, Josh Brown?
What a shit show. I shouldn’t even waste time venting about this sorry piece of crap. Not only did you beat your wife for years, you had the audacity to keep a journal on it. Don’t get me wrong, my journal is pretty intense and I’m all down for some S&M type of encounters, but this guy took it overboard.

Hey Josh, I don’t really connect emotionally with people either but I also wouldn’t view myself as God and my significant other as my slave. Cheers served with a warm welcome to the NFL’s newest member of the soon to be career-over club.

More NYG talk.. OBJ

Can we please leave this poor guy alone?! He managed to rack up a nice $24k fine over the weekend for unsportsmanlike conduct. Throwing his helmet wasn’t the smartest thing to do but I like to look at the positive of every situation, no one was injured during the process. The only thing injured was my heart when he proposed to the kicking net. Flourish on Odell!

On to some more positive news around the NFL……


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