Oh. Your Team Isn’t 3-0? I Can’t Relate..

How about we get to some real football, shall we?

You guessed it. It’s bird gang talk! I really am trying NOT to make this NFL section all about my Eagles, but did you SEE that game?! Okay, okay. I’ll keep it short and sweet.

I think we finally found our franchise QB. Another amazing night from my rookie, Wentz. 23 of 31 passes completed and still, NO interceptions. How beautiful was that 73-yard TD by Sproles? Or how about Smallwood getting his first NFL TD against a Superbowl caliber defense? Okay, maybe they didn’t look like it last night but its Pittsburgh! That’s a hell of a challenge to conquer on both sides of the ball.

Wait. Let me just skip straight to my favorite… the D. Another amazing performance by Graham and Jenkins. And how about Fletcher Cox? He was all over Roethlisberger with 2 sacks, one causing a beautiful forced fumble late in the 3rd quarter. My boys were able to get into Pittsburgh’s head, and mind screw them the entire game. It’s pretty hard to make Big Ben look bad, but the Eagles D made it happen. Holding a team like the Steelers to only 3 points is pretty fricking impressive.

So, to everyone who belittled our 2-0 streak because the teams we beat were “shit teams,” you can’t say anything now. My Eagles have officially earned bragging rights… why? Because we’re 3-0 suckers, that’s why! (Side note: I suck horribly at apologies and tend to avoid them at all costs, BUT, I’d like to apologize to my team for doubting them and betting against them. I feel much better now that that’s off of my chest, whew! Flourish on Wentzadelphia!)

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