Football 101

Offensive Position Breakdown

Let’s start with basic Offensive positions. Personally, I’m a defensive gal and offense isn’t my cup of tea, but we will save the fun stuff for next week! Most people tend to enjoy offense more. I’m assuming you will too since it’s a little more straight to the point.

QUARTERBACK (QB) Team leader. This is the shot caller. I need to go no further because I’m pretty sure my 2 year old niece can call the QB and his role.

RUNNING BACK (RB) – If I had to pick a position to love on offense, this would be the one. Self-explanatory, can you guess what he does? Holy shit. Look at you go girl! Yes, he RUNS the ball. (Give yourself one of those scented star stickers you keep in that glitter notebook) You will mostly see him run from a hand off, but occasionally you’ll see a toss turned into a run. Any pass behind the line of scrimmage is considered a running play. (Side note: Line of Scrimmage – Where the ball is placed on the field)

CENTER – Irrelevant. Just kidding. What you see? The guy who hikes the ball to the QB. What you probably don’t pay attention to…. This kid is also responsible for protecting the QB. Kind of a big job for such a boring position, right? Moving along…

WIDE RECEIVER (WR) – If you’re going to pretend to know football, pick this position. You kind of can’t mess up talking about this. A receiver runs routes and blocks on the running plays. This position is the most common besides the QB so if you’re into name dropping, WR just became your new best friend. (We will discuss some big name players later, don’t worry. I will even throw in some rookies and under rated guys so you will look really informative. I got your back girl!)

TIGHT END (TE) – Kind of like a WR, usually a lot bigger though. This big guy dominates passing plays with his size and stays on the line to run block.

LEFT GUARD, RIGHT GUARD (LG, RG) – Offensive lineman on either side of the center. Think of them as the good guys, they’re here to block and make sure your QB has time to set up.

LEFT TACKLE, RIGHT TACKLE (LT, RT) – You guessed it, these guys line up next to your guards. We don’t really need to go into depth here, just know they block as well. (Side note: When you hear your boyfriend complaining about his QB, chances are you may hear him scream something along the lines of “BS sorry ass O Line can’t block worth a damn! WTF is going on out there?!” At least that’s me half of the time. This is because in order for a QB to perform at his best, those “good guys” on the line MUST block.)

Congrats! You just made it past week 1 of basic football fundamentals! Now you’re more knowledgeable and can feel free to scream a few curse words when your offense screws you over! Thank me later when your boyfriend turns to look at you in surprise and smiles. You’re going to make us both very proud in Week 3, I just know it.

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