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Sports Betting Week 8

Alright guys, so all of my under dogs except Oakland let me down. Week 7 was a tough one but I still managed to pull out 9 wins so I’ll take it.

There’s not many favored teams this week that I really like besides the Cinci line. I actually picked against the spread on almost all of my games. I’ll take the Bengals 3.5 at home versus the Redskins. Love me some Cinci, HATE Washington. I’m all in.

My under dog picks for Week 8… (drumroll please)

BUFFALO – If McCoy gets to play this weekend, this is a for sure pick for me. My man crush, Rex, loves the Pats. He’s been talking crap all week, which is usually a good sign. As I mentioned in previous posts, there are only 2 teams I’d even consider betting against Belichick….. Turn up Bills.

PHILLY – C’mon Vegas. Call me bias, but I can’t bet against my Eagles on rival week. Dak or not, I’m counting on my defense to hold this 4.5 line for me…. and for the sake of my mental state of mind.

OAKLAND – I’m really confused as to why Vegas is STILL against the Raiders. They’re solid, the run game is decent and Carr may not be a star QB but he’s on. I’m riding this bandwagon.

DETROIT – Houston, I’ll take any0ne against that $72 million so called QB. Sorry, still love you Texan fans.

SAN DIEGO – Look forward to Rivers putting up some points here. Since week 2, the Chargers have snuck up and held the points on EVERY game. The games they’ve lost have only been by a FG or less. If Denver wins, I just don’t see it being by 7+.

Its Halloween weekend my fellow gamblers…. sending creepy and good vibes your way!


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