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Sports Betting Week 7

Alright guys, so Oakland and Miami screwed us last week BUT we went 4-0 on the under dog picks! Besides, I don’t know of anyone who saw that Steelers ass kicking coming. All in all, I say it was another pretty good week.

This week is probably the toughest week so far. Vegas wants me to have a stroke, I’m sure of it. The lines are so sketchy that I literally had to do a double take on almost all of the games.

I’d definitely double up on the New England by 7.5 against the Steelers spread. With Big Ben out, I just don’t see the Steelers keeping up point wise with Brady.

I want to say take Vikings by 3 against my Eagles but my heart won’t let me. The Philly in me still has hope that we will go week 3 on ya’ll and smash the golden team. What? A gal can dream, can’t she??

My under dog picks for week 7……..


I see Eli struggling against the Rams defense for points. However, I’m also praying to the football gods that Gurley takes care of business on the other side of the ball. And heck, this game is an early game in London so who really cares. We will probably all be drunk and hung-over anyway.


I just can’t give up on the raiders yet.. Especially not to Jax.


I love Cinci and we know they’ll win the game, but I’m not seeing it by 10.5. Browns have nothing left to play for, but I see them covering this line for me.


I’m loving that I’m seeing Arizona play good football again, but this Seattle defense is fierce. Palmer won’t be as accurate and they’re going to shut my boy Johnson down. I’m taking the Seahawks to pull out the win.

Good vibes guys!


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