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Sports Betting Week 11

I haven’t posted a gambling portion in a while. I lost so bad in week 8 that I decided to spare us all any more pain. BUT. I’m back…. for now, at least! Week 10 was my best week yet, with all 7 of my underdogs hitting. *insert evil grin here*

Here are my under dogs this week…

NEW ORLEANS – I took the Saints to hold here because I’m still not trusting Cam.. Hurts my heart to even type that.

TENNESSEE – The best well put together garbage team in this division right now. Hoping the Titans upset Indy this week. The only Luck I need to show up, is the one in MY favor…

PHILLY – Vegas has my birds effed up! I need my defense to make some big plays this week and cover… I mean, don’t we usually win all the big games and screw up the needed DIVISION ones anyway??

BALTIMORE – Dallas is bound to take a random loss some time… Question is, WHEN? If the Ravens don’t knock them off, they should at least be able to keep this game closer than what Vegas is calling.

BUFFALO – I like how Cinci played last week, but I love a healthy McCoy…. Rolling with Rex to cover.

My favorite line this week?

I’m definitely hitting the Oakland line against Houston. Sorry Texans fans, no free slushie for you and no tanning discounts for me this week. Guess I’ll be Scarlett Johansson pale for Week 12. *side eye*

Feeling a little sketch on this NYG/CHI line. I know the Bears are god-awful, but it makes my stomach hurt taking the Giants to win by any more than 3 points. I’m feeling ballsy though so I’ll jump on the favored NYG by a TD. *cringe*

Good Vibes guys (and gals) !

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