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Sports Betting Week 1

It’s that time of year again, the BEST time. Welcome back guys! 

We all know Week 1-3 are the most difficult to bet on. In fact, I don’t recommend anyone parlaying on more than a few games, IF that. Luckily for YOU, I’m here to take one for the team. I bet on each game each week. If you have a particular line in mind, feel free to tweet me @xoholly_

Which games shall we F up today? (Keep in mind, I play the first lines that Vegas drops. If they change later in the week…….. go ahead and click that small X at the top right hand side of your browser. Or just disguise your voice and repeat call the Blitz from 4-7 on Wednesdays).

Safest games this week? Besides the Tampa/Miami game that no longer exists?

FALCONS are favored on the road against Chicago. 6.5? Give me those points.

VIKINGS open up at home against the Saints. I’ll take the Viks winning by 4+ (I’ll take anything that has to do with LaTavius Murray and good D… Never mind… Too soon?)

LA RAMS … I know exactly what you’re thinking… The LA RAMS? What I DON’T know? Who the heck is throwing the ball for the Colts since Luck is on day 7,242 of his broken shoulder… wrist… cheekbone. Whatever.


I hate going against ANYTHING Rodgers touches, BUT I’ll take Seattle to keep this game closer than Vegas is calling. GB wins, Seattle hangs tight though.

Sorry Dallas fans… Actually, no. I’m not. I’m taking the NYG this week. This is a disgusting line. First off, NO ONE likes 3.5 lines. And NO ONE likes the Giants or the Cowgirls. But, if I had to choose between the crop top killer or Eli and the trillion dollar D… NYG.

Kansas City will take their first L tonight……. but I hope not by 10 or more points. KC 

Oh, did you guys really think I’d tell you who I’m taking on the Philly/Washington pick em? You wish. I’ll suffer in my own solitude on this one.

PSA: Pretend this is the fine print that no one ever reads……… I know I look like really, really ridiculously  smart and all… but I have no idea how Week 1 will play out. In fact, there’s probably a 63.779% chance that if you listen to me your bank account will look like mine right now. Parlay at your own risk. May the football gods be with us all! 

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