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Holly’s Hotties: Dak Prescott

He may be a rookie but he learns pretty quick. Dak Prescott is this week’s hottie.

Ladies, I’m doing this for you because after Sunday’s game I don’t care to see anymore silver and blue…. but if this hottie takes his uniform off, I’m all in.

Dak Prescott, 23, Dallas Cowboys


Well. Let’s just say this guy is accurate and knows exactly where to put it… The ball ladies, calm down. He may be a rookie but he learns pretty quick. Not too bad of a quality to have in a man, right? Besides, we all love a guy that’s eager to step up to the plate and learn new tricks.


A photo posted by Dak Prescott (@_4dak) on

Lets take a second to look past that gorgeous smile and perfect body. This guy is humble and hard working. He knows he’s great but still strives to be better. Double plus? All of this attention he’s getting isn’t getting to his head. Okay, back to staring at that body…

A photo posted by Dak Prescott (@_4dak) on

Single or taken? I may or may not have stalked his social media pages for a good hour drooling. Looks as if he’s fully committed to the football ladies. Remember what our previous Hottie of the Week advised though, stay out of his Direct Messages! Good luck!

College: Mississippi State

NFL Team: Dallas Cowboys

Position: Quarterback

Instagram stalk him: @_4dak

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1 Comment

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