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Holly’s Hotties: Travis Kelce

I’m actually more excited than usual to bless your eyes with this hottie ladies. He’s one of my personal favorite man crushes. The fact that his brother plays for my Eagles doesn’t hurt either.

Travis Kelce, 27, Kansas City Chiefs


A photo posted by Travis Kelce (@killatrav) on

Tight ends get a lot more play these days, that goes for both men and women if you know what I mean. Kelce has fell off a bit this season but, same as you, I wouldn’t mind catching that. Speaking of catching, his new dating show premiered last week! Did anyone get the memo about the open casting call to win over this eye candy?

Okay, so I’m not really a “compete for a man” type of gal. In fact, I wouldn’t even go on a show like this unless it was to take advantage of the free booze and up my frequent flier miles but hey, whatever floats your boat! Travis may be dating 50 women at once right now, but what athlete isn’t? Not that I’m knocking the guys, I’m just keeping it real for you! Ladies, it’s safe to say that this hottie is most likely single. Lucky for us, we all know that reality dating shows never pan out.


A photo posted by Travis Kelce (@killatrav) on

Those muscles. That smile. AND he can “Hit the Quan.” It’s safe to say that Kelce is a sure win for our Week 6 Hottie of the Week.

College: University of Cincinnati
NFL Team: Kansas City Chiefs
Position: Tight End
Instagram stalk him: @killatrav


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