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Holly’s Hotties: Nolan Carroll

Ladies, since it was bye week for my Eagles, I got lucky enough to score a one on one with this week’s hottie.. And he happens to be a Defensive player. You know how I feel about the D, this guy will not disappoint you!

I thought about asking him to interview in his underwear for me but I didn’t want to be too aggressive… Or is aggressive his type?  Guess you’ll have to read the interview to find out!

No foreplay today, lets get straight to it.

Nolan Carroll, 29, Philadelphia Eagles

Had fun doing @elusionclothing photoshoot

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What’s your current relationship status?

“Right now, single.”

What do you look for in a woman?

“She’s got to be attractive, one. Gotta be able to hold a conversation. She’s gotta be funny, have some type of personality to her. That’s the main things I look at.”

Whats the biggest turn off for you?

“Biggest turn off. I say bad hygiene.”

So you meet a new girl and have to plan a date for y’all. Where do you take her and whats on the agenda?

“Nothing really too crazy fancy. Just something where you can go somewhere and have a conversation. Dave and Busters or something where you both can have fun and talk and get to know that person. Or just go out to an event or something going on downtown in the city where you guys can walk around and talk.. or go to maybe just a quiet restaurant and just chill and have a couple of drinks.”

Lets talk social media…

Which would you prefer, an instagram model or a corporate working woman?

*laughs* “A working woman.”

Another athlete recently commented about the girls who DM him. I’m sure you get quite a few of those messages yourself. 

How do you feel about a girl reaching out to you on social networks?

“Hesitant a little bit because you’re like, what does she want with me? Like I know she knows I play football so that’s the first thing I think about when someone DMs me, kind of cautious with that. I’m not a big fan too much of slide in the DMs.”

So, are you opposed to dating a woman you meet online?

“No, I’m not opposed.”

(I know what you’re thinking ladies.. Control yourselves, leave his inbox alone! )


Okay. So you’re obviously really attractive or you wouldn’t have made my hottie headliner for the week. What would you say is your best feature? 

“I say my eyes. My eyes look like I’m Asian. People think I’m Asian for some reason. I guess girls like that, I don’t know.”

Most girls love tattoos.. At least I know I do, How many do you have?

“Oh my God. Umm. Probably like.. Maybe up to forty something. I think.”

(It was at this moment, I knew he was the one…. The best one for Hottie of the Week, of course.)

Which one is your favorite and why?

“My favorite one is the one that I got on my leg recently. Its one with my son and a few other things that I liked. But I integrated my sons birthday and just like some Greek and Roman stuff with it as well because I like philosophy and things like that.”

It wouldn’t be a Holly interview without getting a little raunchy.. So lets turn it up a little.


Sex on the first date. What’s your honest opinion? Would you still pursue her as girlfriend material or did you lose too much respect for her?

“Nah, I think I would. I think I would.”

(There you have it ladies. There is still hope out there for my promiscuous followers.)

Communication is clearly key these days, what are warning signs to you that indicate a girl is too clingy?

“If she’s always on you. If you never get any space. If you’re downstairs, she’s downstairs. If you go upstairs, she’s upstairs. If you’re getting ready to leave and she’s asking you where you’re going all the time. If you don’t check in after a certain amount of time she starts blowing your phone up getting mad. Thats warning signs I think.”

I have no problem making the first move on a guy. When you initially meet someone new, do you prefer her to approach you or do you like to be the aggressor?

“I would like her to because you don’t know what her mind set is. You don’t want to have that rejection feeling like, oh no. And then you’re like, oh shit and feel stupid.. And now you don’t want to do nothing. So if she makes the move, then its like, okay cool.”

Give me the first answer that comes to your mind…

Lights on or off?


Foreplay or straight to it?


Kissing. A lot or a little?

“A little.”

Dirty Talk. Yes or no?


Top or bottom?


Boobs or booty?


Blonde or brunette?

“Brunette.” (Good thing I dyed my hair dark again…)

NFC East division champs?


(Just had to make sure he was still with me)

Pretty in the face or ass on what’s that?

“Pretty in the face.”

Yes, we ended an interview on a Drake lyric, as it should be. Special thanks to Nolan for taking time to play dirty with me. Its not often I can wake up and see a hot, half naked man.. At least not one that I can clearly remember. 


College: Maryland

NFL Team: Philadelphia Eagles

Position: Cornerback

Instagram stalk him: @carrollcity

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