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Holly’s Hotties: WAGs Edition

This week, I’ve picked some of my favorite hottie NFL wives/girlfriends.

Ladies, do you ever get tired of men? Yeah, me too. I decided to switch it up for you this week with a WAGs edition. I’ve picked some of my favorite hottie NFL wives/girlfriends. These ladies are not only smokin’ hot, but also have their own successful careers on top of supporting their hot honeys.


Jessie James Decker, NY Jets

NFL Honey: Eric Decker

I featured Jessie a while back as one of my NFL duo’s. Can’t get enough of her? Me either! She is the definition of “wife goals”. If her hilarious personality and outlook on life don’t have you hooked, that amazing southern voice will do it. Who doesn’t love a country singer with killer legs and great hair?

Claudia Sampedro, Green bay Packers

NFL Honey: Julius Peppers


Claudia has to be THE hottest WAG in the league. I literally can’t find any flaws on this woman. Her body is absolutely amazing. She’s probably the hottest model mom around. This is why I can’t be a mother. No way I’m dropping my kids off for school in my pajamas eating powdered donuts with hotness like this in the carpool lane. Anyway, Julius, I hope you never let this one go!

Draya Michele, Dallas Cowboys

NFL Honey: Oscar Scandrick


…..just making sure you straight. 🌠

A photo posted by Draya Michele (@drayamichele) on

Speaking of body… We really can’t forget Draya, the queen of sexy. I admit, I love this woman. She turned all of her past negativity into success. That fine ASS has her own swimsuit and clothing line. It’s got to be hard waking up and slayin’ every day. My favorite part about her? Besides the fact that she gives NO shits about what anyone has to say about her, she hardly ever wears any makeup and still looks like a solid 10 on the hottie scale.

Sasha Gates, San Diego Chargers

NFL Honey: Antonio Gates


A photo posted by SASHA GATES (@thesashaway) on

A photo posted by SASHA GATES (@thesashaway) on

Sasha is the definition of class. I watched an episode or two of her show “WAGs” on E. She always seemed so calm and down to earth. This woman is truly stunning. Her beauty makes you want to take a second look. I probably scrolled through her Instagram for a good 15 minutes or so because I honestly couldn’t decide which pictures to use!

Katherine Webb-McCarron, Cincinnati Bengals

NFL Honey: AJ McCarron

AJ may have fell off, but lets just say his wife, Katherine sure DIDNT. Hey hotness! 

Marisa Kearse, Seattle Seahawks

NFL Honey: Jermaine Kearse 

She may not have been discovered on the big screens at a game, but this newlywed definitely has to get mentioned in my top hotties!

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1 Comment

  1. virusbds

    November 15, 2017 at 9:51 am

    lots of thanks man. I saw a lot of nfl wags here. i thought i should share with you guys.

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