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Holly’s Hotties: NYG Duo

Good morning ladies! It’s time for your mid-week man crush.

Whom did I choose for our hottie of the week? I actually have double the pleasure for you. In honor of that huge week 3 rivalry ending, why not give you this dynamic duo?

Them boys up to somethin! Happy born day @teamvic

A photo posted by Odell Beckham Jr (@obj) on

Let’s talk OBJ – Odell Beckham Jr, 23, New York Giants

Plead the fifth.

A photo posted by Odell Beckham Jr (@obj) on

You thought last weeks’ hottie ran things? Try OBJ. This guy owns the NFL in the receiving category. You can’t talk offense without his name being brought up. He will actually make you WANT to watch that Sunday game.

Not only is he gorgeous, but he is also sure to keep you entertained with his brilliant one-handed catches. And surprisingly enough, I am MORE than happy to inform you he is completely single. If you like long walks on the beach and that whole romantic vibe, this may just be your guy. (Okay, I don’t know if he really enjoys that sensitive crap, but something hints to me that he might so I’m rolling with it.)

Victor Cruz, 29, New York Giants

Finally, someone closer to my age that I can crush on without being the creepy old chick. Not that I mind that, I take pride in my cougar accomplishments.

Anyways, you may not have heard much about Cruz seeing as he’s been injured for the past 17 seasons; really just 2 but if he can be dramatic, so can I. Ladies, this is a fragile one, and I mean that literally. The NYG should probably wrap him up in caution tape and foam the way he gets injured.

None the less, he is a sight to see on and off the field. And, geez the man can dress. I love a man with impeccable style! Unfortunately, he is engaged so we must drool at this hottie from afar. We wouldn’t want to be one of the many alleged side chicks that got that lovely group text from his fiancé last October now, would we?

Drool on ladies, drool on.



College: LSU

NFL Team: New York Giants

Position: Wide Receiver

Instagram stalk him: @iam_objxiii

Victor Cruz –

College: University of Massachusetts

NFL Team: New York Giants

Position: Wide Receiver

Instagram stalk him: @teamvic

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