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Holly’s Hotties: Jimmy Garoppolo

Brady may be suspended but Jimmy is here to fill his place, and he’s not a bad substitute.

New England Patriots/AP

Ladies, football Sunday may not be the most exciting day on your schedule but I’m here to help you enjoy it almost as much as your significant other!

Okay, maybe not to that extent, but I can certainly help out.

As my duty to keep you all tingly inside, and satisfied, (hey, it’s gameday, your man will be zoned in so someone has to do it!) I vow to post some eye candy, each week, for you to drool over.

I’ll even throw in a few random facts and stats to help educate you…. Because I know you care so much, hence the sarcasm when I read that allowed.

Let’s meet our first “player” (pun completely intended) – Jimmy Garoppolo, 24, New England Patriots

This stud may be younger than a lot of us cougars, but on the field he runs the show. And I don’t know about you, but there’s something oh-so-sexy about a man calling the shots.

Garoppolo has been starting for the Pats this season due to our other hot piece of ass, Brady, being suspended. Unfortunately, Garoppolo took a nasty hit this week causing him to be out with a shoulder injury… Sounds like someone needs some TLC. Single? Possibly.

The only intimate pics I can scrounge up are of him kissing a Super Bowl trophy. I’d allow him to cheat on me with that baby any day.

That feeling after the first kiss

A photo posted by Jimmy Garoppolo (@jimmygarops10) on

College: Eastern Illinois
NFL Team: New England Patriots
Position: Quarterback
Stats: We will ease into this later, you’re not quite ready to interpret stats…. But don’t get discouraged, I’m in the process of creating a football breakdown just for you!
Instagram stalk him: jimmygarops10

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