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College Recap 10/14

Texas A&M @ Florida

Aggies stunned the Gators on Saturday, but the Gator uniforms stunned us all. Lord were those awful. Did some drunk frat guy from Florida come up with that heinous idea?

Kellen Mond showed more promise as a dual-threat quarterback. What he lacked in completed passes, he made up for in rushing yards. The irony is that the Gators outrushed the Aggies by more than 150 yards, and still came up short in the points department. Ultimately, Florida’s inability to pressure Mond in the pocket allowed just enough time to set up 3 back-to-back field goals to bring the Aggie’s on top in The Swamp.

Texas A&M 19 Florida 17


Ohio State @ Nebraska

*Spoiler Alert* Saturday was one of the worst home losses in Nebraska’s history. Holy hell what is happening in corn country? The Buckeyes CRUSHED the Cornhuskers. They were up 35 to zero going into the half. No amount of game-time adjustments could have brought them back from that deficit…unless they had Tom Brady in their arsenal… but this is College.

JT Barrett has certainly proven himself – This is now his second game this season with 5 TDs and no interceptions.  Speaking of seconds… This is the second week in a row the Cornhuskers have taken such a beating on their home turf. I presume their fans will be calling for Mike Riley’s head on a stake any day now.

Ohio State 56 Nebraska 14


Baylor is still winless this season, in case anyone cares.

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