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College Recap 9/30

Bama vs Ole Miss – Holy hell.

I would say grab some popcorn and settle in for an action-packed recap on the Ole Miss / Bama game, but what’s there to say?

The score was 21-0 midway through the first quarter. Bama’s 6th string running back rushed for a touchdown.

Bama dominated… no, dismantled…wait, destroyed… the Rebels.  Honestly, there aren’t enough adjectives to properly describe what Bama did to Ole Miss. Those poor players were beat so badly, they may never put on a helmet and shoulder pads again, on account of emotional scarring.

And the icing on the cake? Bama heads to Texas next weekend, to face the lifeless shell of the Texas Aggies. Anyone know a trauma surgeon in College Station? The Home of 12th Man may need it after Nick Saban comes to town.

Alabama still sits atop their throne at #1 in the SEC and Ole Miss is nowhere to be found on the Power Rankings.


Auburn vs MS State – Auburn to all the haters, “we’re baacccckkkk!”

Auburn set out to prove that they’re not out of the fight yet, and they did just that.

7 plays into the game, and Auburn was up 7-0. The Bulldogs didn’t have an answer to those 7 and *SPOILER ALERT* that’s basically how the rest of the game went…

With the exception of a few exciting plays from both teams; strip sacks, a pick-six, false start penalties, and lots of blown coverage, the Bulldogs got beat in similar fashion to the Ole Miss Rebels. It seems the football gods weren’t on the side of any Mississippi school this weekend.

Auburn defeated MS State 49-10 at home, and earned their spot at #12.


Oh, one last thing… I hear the Tennessee River is now filled with the tears of the Vols fan base after the beating they took at the hands of the Georgia Bulldogs. Maybe Peyton Manning was under center, and not in the stands? Afterall, he does know how to take a proper ass-beating… Super Bowl 48 anyone?


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