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College Recap 9/23

This is Courtney.

She loves Brady… Her Pats (I would comment something inappropriate about deflated balls but I personally know her mother, so I’ll reframe)… and the SEC. This hottie will be taking over all college football updates. You can follow her on twitter @c_ark87 ENJOY!

A&M vs Arkansas – Where do I even begin?

SPOILET ALERT: The Aggies win…but damn do they make it difficult to celebrate.

A&M is struggling to beat these “gimme” teams this year. It’s like Sumlin is suffering from invasion of the body snatchers, am I right? I can’t be the only one speculating on whether he’s even calling their plays! He definitely doesn’t look like the Sumlin of years past.

Truth be told, the whole game was just painful to watch! Between Trevor Fuller getting ejected for targeting, Kellen Mond being robbed of that 90-yard TD due to bad a call from the ref, and watching the Aggie’s run the same 3 plays over, and over, and over again, it’s a wonder they actually pulled off the W!

Has anyone else wondered whether SEC rules allow the Aggies to capitalize on their “12th Man” tradition? I hear the coaching department may have an opening real soon!

My poor, poor Aggies.


OSU vs TCU – I did not see that coming!

This game absolutely floored me! I had all these witty little puns to share with y’all after the Cowboys made the Hornfrogs look like tadpoles on Saturday… BUT THAT DID NOT HAPPEN! I still can’t believe it. I think TCU had to pinch themselves on Sunday morning to make sure their win was real.

Multiple turn-overs from both teams made for an eventful game! Both QBs threw as many interceptions as they did touchdowns – unbelievable! Mason Rudolph struggled the entire game, completing just half of his pass attempts, and the Cowboys run game was worse than The Little Rascals. To make matters worse, the Hornfrogs dominated in time of possession, which ultimately led to the Demise of the OK State Cowboys.

I’m happy with Kenny Hill’s performance though. The former Aggie showed real potential on Saturday – he’ll be pro-ready in no time.

POWER RANKINGS UPDATE: TCU is now ranked #9; OSU is humbly sitting at #15.

Oh. And nobody cares about Baylor.


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