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Sorry I’ve been slacking on the college posts for you guys. Saturday’s tend to get a bit blurry for me since I’m usually trashed before the evening games, but that’s neither here nor there.

How about my Aggies?! 5-0 is not too bad of a start! We all knew A&M would be better this season than they were last year. I’m not going to lie though, the game Saturday had me a little worried.

With Miles Garrett out, we got to see more of Daeshon Hall. Let me just quote these stats from TAMU; 2 sacks and 3.5 of their 10 TFLs.. “17 more than Alabama.” I’m telling you, keep your eyes on this kid. You know I love some good defense. This duo of Garrett and Hall are by far my favorite in the conference.

The next two games are going to be tough for my boys. Tennessee then Alabama on the road. It’s time to show the SEC who’s serious. I’ll make sure to actually cover the Tennessee game and post more.


How about that Clemson versus Louisville game?! Now THAT was some damn good football. I must admit, wearing a onesie and snacking while watching that game was a mistake. Not only was food flying everywhere when I jumped from excitement, but who knew it was so hard to move in a onesie?! Being as I’m in Houston and obviously a Coogs fan, I was pulling for Louisville. I kept trying to focus solely on the defense but these two teams made it impossible! So many great plays on both sides of the ball from BOTH teams.

I truly underestimated Clemson that first half. Their defense managed to mind screw Jackson and dominate his O Line. I was getting pretty nervous. Wish I could have been a fly on the wall in the locker room at halftime to hear what Petrino said to get Louisville going again.. because man, oh man did he manage to do it. I’ve come to conclusion that Jackson needs to get choked out every game. That anger triggered a beast inside of him. He came out second half and showed Clemson he meant business.

Louisville may have lost that game but it was still one for the books. It’s been a while since I’ve been so intrigued by a game all the way up until the very last second, and I mean that literally speaking.

Oh, did y’all want a sum up of the UT vs OSU game? You probably don’t want to hear my criticism on this. I’ll wait until next week so they can have a chance to redeem themselves. I refuse to comment on games that feature absolutely NO defense.

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