Football 101

Breaking Down The Defense

Welcome back ladies! If you’re anything like me, you’re going to love the D. Defense, that is. Focus! My goal is to convert you all over to the defensive end of the ball. Why? Because its more complex and WAY more exciting.

Anyone can run a route, not everyone can play defense. Basically, these guys are the brain surgeons of the field. Let’s jump right into the basics, shall we?

Defensive Tackle (DT) – Guess what these big guys do? You guessed it, they tackle. They get to mind screw your QB. Literally. They’re here to put pressure on him, and when done right, force a fumble.

Defensive End (DE) – These are your pass rushers. They get the fun job! It’s pretty much their duty to wreak havoc as soon as they get off the line, probably why they are some of the most paid guys on the D. (Side note: Pretty sure I would NOT want to be a QB who has to face these killers. I would need about 3 xanax and a shot of vodka before I took the field.) Anyways, the DE’s line up on the outside.

Linebacker (LB, OLB, ILB) – Their main job? Tackle and do whatever is necessary to catch whoever has the ball at the start of the play. These bad guys specialize in the hit department. Kinky, right?

Cornerback (CB) – CBs are in a way, similar to a safety. They will almost always line up close to the line of scrimmage. (Pop Quiz… Remember this term from last week? No? Go back and re read then slacker!) A CB will play man to man coverage or zone coverage. Man to man is self explanatory. They simply cover the receiver they’re assigned to. A zone read is a select part of the field the CB is responsible for, not just one receiver in particular.

Safety (S) / Defensive Back (DB) – THIS is my favorite position. This is what does it for me ladies. You know that feeling you get inside when you see a hot, half naked man? Yeah multiply that by seven and thats how excited I get watching a good safety play. When perfected, this guy is beautiful. There are 2 safety positions, strong safety and free safety.

SS – This is the bigger guy of the two. He’s usually lined up closer to the TE. (Better brush up on last weeks terms girlfriend. From this lesson on, we refer to positions only by abbreviations!) You’ll watch him to stop the run game.

FS – You’ll see this guy positioned back farther than the rest of the line. You can remember this because he’s free.. free to roam the backfield. He’s the speed and watches out for the long passes down field. You’ll see him on man to man coverage.

What do all of these guys have in common? They have to be quick on their feet and aware at all times. They must be able to read the offense and predict their next move. This is what makes defensive players so special, their brains. These guys have to really focus and understand their mark. Oh, and they have to be able to HIT, which makes them even more exciting to watch!

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