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A Win Is A Win

Hello SEC. My Aggies are rolling! What an awful win Saturday, but I’ll take it. A win is a win, right? Hell, it should count as two wins since my state of health is screwed now. Pretty sure that game shaved off a nice 7-8 years of my life. At least my TV survived, that’s always a plus. I tend to throw the remote, shoes, anything that gets in my way during the game.

Speaking of throwing and accuracy.. (Clearly we’re talking about me when we mention accuracy, not Knight.) What a scare with that nasty pick on the second damn play of the game. Little did I know, he was about to play the worst game I’ve seen him in since he arrived in CS. Not okay Knight, NOT okay. Just when I thought he couldn’t get worse, he came out second half passing out interceptions like they were candy on Halloween.


Thankfully the D saves the day again. Okay… again kind of? If that makes any sense. Do great plays followed by crappy plays evens out? No?

Garrett with a beautiful forced fumble giving my Aggs the ball back early. How about Watts? Tennessee with the screen pass, makes it almost to the endzone before Watts strips the ball near the 5 yard line. Oh, that didn’t do it for you? How about his game winning OT interception?! This D is sportsgasmic. This whole line up is outstanding, at least they CAN be. It doesn’t get much better than Garrett, Hall, Watts, and Mack. Ill touch more on them later…

Here comes the second half to screw me in every which direction. Tackles being missed left and right.. Jesus we let Tennessee run right through us. They literally WALKED into the endzone. Let’s not forget Knight is here again to save the day. *side eye* More like dig us deeper into a hole. I was having flashbacks of Sanchez this whole game. That is something I never want to see again. Okay, I’m being a bit harsh on Knight but that’s only because I’m an Eagles fan and you know we’re QB sensitive! Besides, I’ve seen how good Knight CAN play so this game really threw me off.

Fast forward to the 4th quarter. Just run the ball, its really not that complex. How about that FG attempt? By this point, I was recovering from my third mild stroke of the night. This can’t be possible, right? It was planned. We went into OT just to keep the game more interesting. (I kept telling myself this all night.) There’s no way we could possibly play this shitty and give the game away. OT was planned, say it with me guys.

Bye week couldn’t come at a better time for A&M. They need to use this week to rest and get healthy. Bama is no joke, especially on the road. The Aggies have an amazingly talented team on BOTH sides of the ball. If they come out in two weeks giving their all, they’ll roll past Bama. Yeah, I’m saying it.. Aggies can and SHOULD take down Saban and his squad. In the meantime, I’ll just sit back and soak in this nasty win.

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