Football 101

Football 101 – X&Os (And I don’t mean hugs & kisses)

Believe it or not, I have so many women who approach me and ask me how to learn football. Weird, right?

Who would have thought that being the psycho girl at the bar screaming at coaches calling the wrong plays or players running awful routes would attract so many?

Granted in my head, I am convinced that I’m the assistant coach for Philly, and have been for many years. I also believe that I know it all and I surely DON’T.

Confidence, ladies. Study, learn, execute.

I like to use that technique in the dating department as well but I’m yet to score a website for my successful dating advice. Anyways..




Here’s the thing, football can’t be taught overnight.

I learned to really love the game back in high school. I learned how to break down film and study the players and their positions, while also familiarizing myself with the rules and play calling.

The knowledge has stacked up over the years (we shall not speak of HOW many years exactly because that would let you know my true age. Let’s just pretend I’m 25ish for now.) Point being, I still to this day, find new things to add to the football section of my brain.

Now, most ladies don’t really care to learn a lot, they just want the basics to help them get through a simple conversation with guy friends or a boyfriend. Or maybe you just want some help with your fantasy team that you started and have no idea what’s going on.

That’s where I’ll step in. I’ll try my best not to overwhelm you, or better yet, bore you to death.

Each week I’ll jump in and post a few key terms, positions, rules, players, etc.

Once you get the hang of it, I’ll teach you how to read plays and stats. That is why you are here still reading, isn’t it?

So pull out your glitter gel pens and your sparkly notebooks and get ready to kick ass in the next bar you stumble into.

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1 Comment

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