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​Good day Wentzadelphia!

Can we give the rook and that Philadelphia defense some credit? Granted it IS just Week 2.

Did I take it too far already? Fair enough.

Can we give the rook and that Philadelphia defense some credit though? Granted it IS just Week 2, but… (through two games) 468 passing yards, 3 TDs, 2 wins and most importantly, ZERO INTs. That’s a heck of a good start for Wentz and my birds.

Although I did enjoy the Wentz show last night, I couldn’t help but almost have a heart attack every time the play clock started. The kid can take some hits, that’s for sure.

Perhaps in practice this week we should practice slides. Don’t get me wrong, I respect his toughness but we need to keep our number one investment healthy….. and alive for Christ’ sake.

Lets also give credit where credit is due…

How about Trey Burton?

5 catches (keyword here being CATCHES), 49 yards and a TD. Have you seen my receiving core out there? *inserts side eye emoji here* I’ll take Burton filling my TE space any day if he keeps playing like he did last night.

Lets talk Mathews, NOT Matthews.

I love this guy. He isn’t getting enough shine just yet, but watch out. I’m actually surprised he isn’t getting more rushes. If you haven’t watched old film highlights on him, I highly recommend doing so.

The way he runs combined with his size and elusiveness is a weapon to look out for. It may take an attempt or two, but Mathews is sure for a TD when needed.

Shall we talk defense?

Holly loves the D. (That was not meant to be perverted, but then again….) Check out the 5 man rush we started with. Jenkins was all over Cutler from the beginning. QBs beware!

But who do I give my defensive player award for the night?

Brandon Graham, what a game! 4 tackles and a nasty sack.. I’ll take it. His all around performance was impressive. I’m hoping he has a stand out season for Philly.

We might just be alright… excluding Week 3.

I am the ultimate shit talker and I love my team, don’t get me wrong, but I’m not feeling any good vibes going into this Steelers game. Its just not fair to pair up any of my corners with AB; especially not my rookie, Mills.

I’m hoping they prove me wrong, but I don’t think even Wentz can save us this week.

That Pittsburgh D is too much.

Just one of the many reasons why I have Big Ben and his squad making it to Super Bowl. Its going to be a rough one….. which is why I’m taking Vegas with the Steelers winning by 4 this weekend.

As always, Ill still be rocking my all green and cheering my team on. #birdgang

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